The Top 10 Vaporizer Pens For E-Liquid, Wax, Oil, and Dry Herb Reviewed in 2017

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the vape pens that are available and don’t really know where to start? Well we’ve made it easy for you and compiled a list of the top ten quality vape pens (and there are a lot) on the market to give you the low down on the very best vaporizers out there. We’ve done all the sifting and sorting for you, complete with reviews, so that you don’t have to.

With so many different pens and their associated terminology, it can seem a little overwhelming for newbies. But you’re in luck because we’re here to help narrow down and review only the best vape pens so you can get connected with quality ones that are sure to satisfy.

Even if you’re a seasoned vaper, it’s hard to know if you’re buying a quality vaporizer pen without a physical retail location to walk into. But trust us when we say that we’re only including the best vape pens in our reviews and we’ll show you exactly where to get them for the best deals on the net!

Ultimate Vape Pen Guide in 2017

This article will not only discuss the top 10 vape pens available, but also define what vapor pens are, all the different types that are available, and all things to consider before you buy!

Read on to find out our top ten picks and the complete low down on all things vape pens!




Gravity By Kandypens (Wax Vapor Pen)

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The Gravity vaporizer by KandyPens is hands down the best wax vape pen you can buy. Featuring dual quarts rods, titanium coils, and a quartz crystal chamber, you can tell the designers took a lot of care in making this vaporizer pen because they’ve thought of everything!

This vapor pen has 3 heat settings that are accessed by clicking the led illuminated “k” button 3 times. Each time you give the button 3-clicks, it cycles through its 3 heat settings with red for the lowest setting, green for medium, and blue for high. The battery is temperature controlled so you need not worry about combustion.

Boasting an elevated air flow system that prevents leaking or clogging, you can count on this pen to keep producing smooth hit after smooth hit. Reviews of the battery are also stellar revealing an excellent battery life and also comes with a lifetime warranty!

Does it really get any better than that?

The mouth piece is large and so is the chamber for holding wax so you don’t have to worry about continually filling it. It’s wickless which means you don’t have to change out ceramic or fiber wicks. The wax isn’t actually absorbed into anything which means it never turns dark or gives off that awful burnt taste that occurs with other pens. It also consistently gives off extremely good vapor production! Perfect for all you cloud chasers out there!

Overall, an excellent buy and highly recommended.

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V2 Cigs is one of the leading manufacturers of e-cigs and their products have amassed an impressive amount of sales in the past. And for good reason! They’ve been releasing quality products and a full line of vaporizer pens that have built a loyal following. Last year, they released the V2 Pro series 3 vaporizer and changed the entire game for vapor pens.

The V2 Pro series 3 gets its name from its triple use as a dry herb, oil, and wax vape pen. It’s designed for e-liquids and oils in mind so using it with those will bring you the best results. But when you’re feeling like you want to switch things up, this pen doesn’t let you down in versatility and usability.

How exactly does it achieve this?

Unlike traditional vapor pens, the V2 Pro Series differentiates from its competition by not having screw on attachment parts. Instead, it utilizes a strong magnet technology to form the connection between cartridges that are designed specifically for what you are using (oils, wax, or dry herb)

It gives you back the freedom to choose the type of material you want to burn without any dry hits or wick issues. All of this in just one pen!

It’s a sleek and stylish vapor pen that packs a triple whammy! This vape pen does an excellent job of burning wax and liquids and is one of the best dry herb vape pens you can buy. Keep one battery for multifunctional purposes. You can’t go wrong with this pen which is exceptionally affordable for its class!

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Are you looking for the best e-liquid vape pen? Something small enough to take with you anywhere and strong enough for you to use every single day? Well look no farther than the XEO VOID vaporizer kit! It’s user friendly enough for beginner vapers but offers a customizable range of options suited for even the most advanced user!

Our very own American manufacturer V2 brought the XEO VOID Vaporizer Kit to us where it was previously only available in Germany. This little vaporizer pen features X Vapor no-leak technology to combat 100% of leak issues! Every other e-liquid pen I’ve ever owned had some leak issues which ended up clogging my vape and wasting a lot of my e-juice during clean-up. But this pen is safeguarded against all of that mess.

The manufacturer claims you can get up to 400 puffs per refill of the chamber but it really depends on how you vape. If you’re into long draws, you’ll end up getting fewer puffs. But with its generously sized chamber, you definitely won’t be wasting time refilling it. Generally one refill will last for an entire day of regular vaping.

The XEO VOID is available in 6 colors and styles. The battery is super smooth and sleek showcasing a 1-button design and the pens power is fully customizable. It offers two compatible sub ohm atomizers at both 0.6 and 1.0 ohms. If you’re a newbie, I’d recommend starting with the 0.6 ohms.

The battery is long lasting and runs off of 30W to power your vape pen through the day. Included is the USB charger. This vaporizer is definitely the best e-liquid/oil vape pen available and highly recommended for new users and seasoned vapers alike! It’s very affordable for the incredible value that it offers and we know where you can find it at the best price!

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Are you looking for a dry herb vape pen that features the top technology in today’s market? The Vaporfi Orbit is the best dry herb vape pen you can buy. The entire kit comes with a cleaning brush, 5 replaceable filters, 5 mouthpiece covers, a compatible charging kit, and a user’s manual.

The function of the 5 soft mouthpiece covers is to prevent you from getting burned. It’s a great safety measure because without them, sometimes it does happen. The Vaporfi Orbit is hefty in build and feels solid and durable in your hand. You should feel confident using this because it’s powerful and strong, yet produces a clean and crisp vape that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of smokers.

With its one button design, you can rotate between its 3 heat settings. To avoid burning your bud, we recommend you start on the highest setting first and gradually cycling to medium heat and then low heat as the herb burns down.

This vaporizer pen is not used for wax or e-liquid, but for the medical marijuana user it’s the best!

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Linx Hypnos Zero (Wax Vapor Pen)

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The Linx Hypnos Zero vape pen features an innovative ceramic plate as its heating element for your wax/concentrate. This option is really neat compared to what’s on the market and is not only stylish, but very sensible. It utilizes a wickless heating element so if you’re used to pens that use wicks and rods, get ready to be pleasantly surprised by the improved performance!

This vaporizer features 4 temperature settings that range from lowest, low, high, and highest but unlike the previous model, also includes a new 5-click lock so it’s not burning up your wax while you accidentally press it in your pocket.

The pen itself is small enough to hide completely in your hand for discrete public use but don’t let the small size fool you because this vape pen packs a lot of punch! With just a pea-sized amount of concentrate, it will give you 10 to 20 draws, which is the perfect amount for any individual. If you plan on passing it around, you may have to stop and refill but that just depends on who is in your group.

If you’re looking for a convenient and portable wax vape pen, look no further than the Linx Hypnos Zero!

It works really well compared to any other pen in its class and looks really stylish too.

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VaporFi Rebel 3 (E-Liquid Vapor Pen)

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The Vaporfi Rebel 3 is made from stainless steel for an incredibly durable vape pen that’s designed to last. Featuring an impressive 5.8 ml chamber capacity, you never have to worry about it not holding enough! The 3000 mah battery is perfect for those cloud chasers as it puts out a lot of power to meet your vaping needs.

With an adjustable airflow, you choose how you want your vaporizer to hit. The long lasting intelligent battery tells you how charged it is. Never be surprised again when expecting a nice hit and being met with a blinking light instead.

Compared to other vape pens, it can seem a little bulky but that’s the price you pay when you want big clouds, big vape, and big taste!

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★ 3-IN-1 VAPE PEN ★


Source Orb 4 (3-in-1 Vapor Pen)

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The SOURCE Orb 4 is a really awesome vape pen that can handle dry herbs, wax, and e-liquid. Extremely versatile in what it can handle and a ton of customizable features, this vapor pen definitely belongs on this list!

The vape pen utilizes a super sweet magnetic locking system instead of the screw on attachments of other pens. Let’s face it, the screws can get pretty messy and hard to clean if you use wax a lot but the magnetic locking system solves that. Now cleaning becomes a breeze with a flat surface that just needs a quick wipe.

The kit includes both coil wrapped and coil-less atomizers. Do you not know what you really prefer? Perfect! Because the SOURCE Orb 4 includes all of them so you can go through each one and decide what works best for you. The battery allows you to choose your heat settings in both volts and watts which gives you more freedom in preferences.

Furthermore, if you already have your own sub ohm box, all you have to do is buy the attachment for the SOURCE Orb 4. Call it an affordable upgrade!

But seriously, this is a versatile and exceptionally customizable vape pen that comes with all sorts of atomizers. Backed by quality materials and excellent reviews, this vaporizer pen is one of the best!

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V2 Vertx (E-Liquid Vapor Pen)

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If you’re looking for something that is as small as a cigarette but still works as well as a vapor pen, look no farther than the V2 VERTX. This micro-e-cig vaporizer uses e-liquid, is light weight and super small, and is the most powerful e-cig on the market today.

It produces a lot of smoke and with newly designed cartridges that are equipped to last 3 times longer than older models, it gives you 3 times the puffing power! The battery also tells you exactly how much battery is left so you’re never left guessing when you need to charge it.

Featuring a magnetic charger, you don’t have to worry about components getting clogged up or breaking off. The magnetic charger is innovative, but just one aspect of why this e-cig is super special.

V2 also gives you the option to buy blank cartridges at no extra charge so you can customize them with your favorite e-juice flavors and are refillable up to 20 times!

It’s way ahead of its game in terms of power and design. If you want something small and discrete, this is the most powerful micro e-cig that you can buy!

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Are you looking to get into sub ohm vaping? Even if you’re already a seasoned sub ohm user, the price tag on this quality vaporizer pen justifies you giving this one a chance. Featuring a 2300 mah battery with adjustable 5-30W output settings, the Tracer Twist gives you a superior vape at a way more affordable price!

The battery is made out of stainless steel for durable use and the top chamber includes a clear viewing window so you can always see what you’re doing. It also features a 4-port adjustable airflow so you can customize your pen to hit exactly how you want.

The Twist Tracer uses sub ohm organic cotton atomizers and is an excellent option for those looking to get into sub ohm vaping or want to do it at an affordable price. Highly recommended in terms of quality and ease of use!

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The Juul e-cig looks like the future of e-cigs, at least as far as design is concerned. It’s a futuristic flat and rectangle shape that fits perfectly between your fingers and makes the user look like they’ve come back to the past to show off their future technology. It’s even the same length as a cigarette!

But besides its attractive design, it works incredibly well too which is why we’ve included it in our top 10 list. It’s extremely user-friendly with no buttons, no refills, and no need to ever clean it. The cartridges are affordable and give off powerful hits.

To check the battery life, simply tap it twice and the led will display a color indicating how close it is to needing a charge. This little e-cig charges quickly and is the simplest to use. If you’re looking for something that’s small and easy to use, then you’re looking at the right product here!

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So there you have it! My list of personally reviewed and tested top of the line vapor pens out of everything that’s available today. Now that you’ve read the reviews on the top 10 vaporizer pens available, you’re ready to make a decision for what works best for you. Go on with your bad self and as always, happy vaping!

What is a Vape Pen? How Do They Work?

What-is-a-Vape-Pen-how-does-it-workSimply put, a vape pen (aka “vapor pen”, “vaporizer pen”, “e-pen”) is a refillable e-cigarette that’s roughly the size of a pen. They’re not quite as small as your standard pen but something closer to a marker while some pens are larger like a cigar. Typically they consist of three main parts; a battery, a tank that is filled with e-liquid, and an atomizer (which is your heating element). The battery and tank sizes vary widely depending on the mods you’re using and what your e-cig vaping preferences are.

Vape pens take the basic technology of e-cigs and improve them to be better performing, longer lasting, and more flavor/smoke producing. With the press of a button the battery sends power to the atomizer and vaporizes the e-juice in the tank for the user to inhale.

What exactly is an atomizer? The atomizer is the heating element in your vape pen and typically describes a coil of wire that is surrounded by an absorbent “wick” material which is usually organic cotton. Some vapor pen producers are even moving away from these types of atomizers as technology in this area improves.

Vape pens are manually operated which means you control it with a button. Pressing the button begins the flow of current from the battery which vaporizes the juice. The tank is another key component because it ensures that the atomizer has a constant supply of e-juice. Tanks that fit e-pens are generally around 2 ml in capacity, although many range in size to suit the preferences of different users.

Like many terms used in vaping, the definition between vaporizer pens and vape mods isn’t particularly clear-cut and are sometimes interchangeable. Although vape pens ordinarily operate at a fixed voltage, some vapor pens allow you to set your own voltage/wattage. It also depends on the experience of the user. Some people really prefer customizable vaping and with adjustable voltage, they can control the power of the vape they are inhaling and the clouds of “smoke” they produce.

Some vapor pens may not use e-liquid but utilize wax concentrates or dry herbs instead. Those that use other materials are still considered vape pens although they may operate differently to account for the materials. For example, dry herb vaporizers need to operate at a consistent temperature (rather than periodically getting hot like e-juice vaporizers) so those specific pens will have different temperature settings.

Benefits of Using a Vaporizer Pen

  • Discrete use – thanks to the compact size and unique designs, vapor pens provide an easy way to vaporize without drawing attention. This means that you do not have much to worry about if you are a medical marijuana patient as you can vaporize from anywhere. The fact that the vapor is mostly odorless adds to the discretion.
  • You want to stay healthy – using a vaporizer pen will prevent you from inhaling many toxic and irritating carcinogenic by products of combustion.
  • You want to preserve your product – the best vape pens extract all the active compounds from the herb, oil, or wax. This means that you are only required to use a small amount of product to achieve the desired effect.

Types of Vape Pens

There are several different types of vape pens on the market and the easiest way to separate them is by what materials they use. Keep reading for a brief guide to the different types of vape pens:

  • E-Liquid: E-juice or e-liquid vape pens are powered by the attached battery which heats up the atomizer, turning your e-liquid into a vapor that is inhaled by the user.
  • Dry Herb: Dry herb vape pens are slightly different from e-juice vapor pens but serve the same essential purpose. These have a chamber where the herb (including marijuana and tobacco) is placed and the battery heats it to a constant temperature. These vaporizer pens are normally switched on and then they remain hot for a “session,” which can vary in length but is usually between 2 and 5 minutes.
  • Wax and Concentrate: These vape pens are used to vaporizer concentrates and waxes and function in a similar way to e-juice pens. They have coils which heat up when you press a button but they often don’t have wicks because concentrates aren’t soaked up. Because of the small amount that is required for these to work, it also renders the chamber useless as well. Instead, the concentrate is applied directly to the wickless coil before vaping.
  • 3-in-1: As the name suggests, these vapor pens are suitable for use with all three materials. Most have a replaceable cartridge system which matches the material so you will use a different one for e-juice, waxes, and dry herb. The heat settings will differ depending on the cartridge that is attached as well to maximize efficiency of use.

How to Choose the Best Vape Pen

What should you be looking for when you’re searching for the best vaporizer pen? The key to wading through the options and finding the right device is really figuring out what you want it to do. This means that there is no “best” device to fit absolutely everyone. Read on for the most important points of consideration.

What Do You Want to Vape?

The first thing to consider about a vape pen is what you want to vape with it. Will you only be using e-liquids? Or are you interested in moving to concentrates at some point? Perhaps you know you want to use it solely for dry herb? If you want the freedom to move between any 2 of those options, then the obvious choice is a 3-in-1 vaporizer pen. Otherwise, pick a pen that functions only for one material. Read our top 10 list to help you decide, but not before reading the rest of this article!

As far as dry herb vapor pens are concerned, we’ve seen a lot of problems with them. Many pen sized dry herb vaporizers simply don’t perform very well. They end up heating the herb unevenly which leaves a large portion of it un-vaporized and gone to waste. Or else you’re constantly opening the chamber to move it around which slows down the process and can be a real pain. Fortunately, we’ve found one that actually works! The V2 Pro Series 3 is an excellent functional dry herb vape pen that doesn’t have any of the aforementioned problems. This is the only pen-sized dry herb vaporizer we have tested and can confidently recommend to you.

Best of all, it’s also a 3-in-1 device so it’s interchangeable between e-liquids, waxes, and dry herb! It’s the only pen sized device that offers reliably powerful capabilities between all the materials!

Keep reading for more things to consider when buying a vape pen.

The Size and Capacity of the Battery

Battery life is a huge consideration any time you’re looking for a vaporizer. Don’t get caught out on the town without your nicotine fix! There’s nothing worse than having it in your hand but unable to actually use it because of a dead battery. In general, bigger batteries are better for battery life but if portability is important, it’s definitely worth considering some lower-capacity options that are smaller.

How do you know how long a battery will last? First, understand that vape pen batteries measure their capacity with mah, milliamp hours. Once you understand the terminology, it becomes quite easy to interpret. The bigger the number, the longer your battery will last working off of the same power. However, larger batteries are sometimes less portable. You can make up for this difference in battery life by choosing one that works at a lower power.

For example, the Endura T18 e-liquid pen has a capacity of 1000 mAh, compared to 400 mAh for the smallest Halo Triton vaporizer pen. This tells you that – all else being equal – the Endura will last about two and a half times longer between charges in comparison to the Triton.

Variable Voltage and Variable Temperature

Some vaporizer pens operate at a fixed voltage or temperature while others allow you to choose a setting to suit your preferences. Setting your own voltage is generally considered an extra feature rather than an absolute necessity since many prefixed devices offer a powerful vape without any switchable settings.

Many of the better vape pens are moving to including this feature, regardless of type, and giving you options to change several setting on your pen. For e-liquid and wax vape pens, you can change the voltage to higher or lower to get the specific vape that you prefer. For example, the Evod VV has five voltage settings between 3.2 and 4.8 V, which means you can tailor its performance to produce a lighter or stronger hit. Some e-liquids also vary in performance so the adjustable setting is useful in getting these to hit the way you want as well.

Some dry herb vape pens also give you the option to cycle between temperature settings but these are typically larger in size. Although temperature settings are not a necessity, it’s a useful tool for the discerned user.

How Big is the Tank?

The size of your e-liquid tank is an important consideration, especially for heavy vapers. No one wants to continually stop and refill it multiple times a day. The size of your vaporizer does limit your tank choices a bit because you can’t have a huge 5ml tank (typically found on sub ohm devices) on a little pen. The tank size is always worth checking to ensure you aren’t buying one that’s too small for you. For vape pens, a 1.5 to 2 ml capacity is about right for the average user.

For dry herb vape pens, the chamber size would be the equivalent to your tank size. This one is also important to think about. If you can’t get your usual amount of herb in the chamber, then you’ll have to reload just to finish your session which can be a pain. It’s definitely worth your time to research chamber size before your purchase. The V2 Pro Series 3, for instance, has a 385 cubic mm chamber which we found to be plenty of space for a single session. If you’re a heavy smoker though, there are bigger options available like the Pro Series 7 from V2. Perfect for passing around too!

What Type of Coils Does it Use?

Most vapor pens use basic single-coil atomizers to vaporize your vape juice or wax but some incorporate dual coils for better performance. The reason for this is simple: the more coils you have, the larger the surface area to vaporize your juice or wax! You end up getting more out of every puff. Most wax vaporizers currently don’t have multiple coils as an option, but some (like the Source Orb V3) do offer dual coil setups which offer better performance.

For e-liquid vape pens, dual coil atomizer heads are commonly the standard and boost both flavor and vapor production. Generally these are enough but some vaporizer pens have taken it one step farther by using another set up, vertical coils. These can end up making a big difference for those that are chasing stronger hits or bigger clouds. We highly recommend getting a vape pen that has either dual coils or vertical coil atomizers to produce a more satisfying experience with your device.

Finding the Best Vaporizer Pen

Now that you’ve considered all of the most important points in choosing a vape pen, you’ll have much more success in finding the one that works for you. Make sure to read our top 10 best vape pens list which we’ve painstakingly compiled to help you narrow down all the products on the market!

This post has given you a basic introduction to vape pens, how they work, the types there are, and how to find a good one. If you’re interested in digging even deeper and feeding that vaping habit, check out our “Basics of Vaping” posts! We also feature a safety series which you can check out on our blog.

Vaping can seem complicated to the newbie, but don’t let all the information floating around out there overwhelm you! It’s actually really simple and you don’t have to get super immersed with all the mods and what not if you don’t want to. Either way, your lungs will thank you.

Happy vaping!

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