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  • The Atmos Optimus vapor pen was designed with a transparent cartridge designed to show you the remaining contents left in the chamber. This makes sure your aware of how much you have left and gives you time to make sure your always hitting good quick hits when you want. Check out more pro’s below!
  • This vapor pen does not offer the use of waxes or dry herbs. It also has been known to get pretty hot as its pretty close to the heating chamber. Check out more con’s below!
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What’s Great About The: Atmos Optimus

atmos optimus

After a few negative experiences with vaporizers from emerging brands, I was determined to stop messing around and just go for a brand that is considered by many to be the gold standard of pen style vaporizers. A quick visit to the Atmos website revealed that they have one of the biggest collections of vape pens available; from the slim and simple Atmos to a collection of portable vaporizers designed with a dab nail for those who love dabbing concentrates on the go. Ultimately, it is the company’s flagship product, the Atmos Optimus vaporizer pen that I settled on.

The Atmos Optimus 510 is a portable vapor pen equipped with a unique heating element to ensure even heating and vaporization of oil. It was designed for those who love to vape both essential oils and e-liquids and is equipped with a handy measuring scale to let you know how much oil remains in the cartridge. Being a rather big e-liquid vapor, this feature was definitely a bonus as I no longer have to have two vaporizers on me all the time.

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Atmos Optimus Includes:

  • 1 x Atmos Optimus Body
  • 1 x Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

Although it didn’t come with a carry case, this portable vape pen is made with same exquisite design and high quality materials that Atmos is famous for.

No Messes Just Easy and Great Hits

atmos optimus colors

This device is quite user friendly and recommended for beginners since you do not have to mess around with the battery and mouthpiece. They both attach easily to the transparent cartridge (you can always see the amount of concentrate remaining in the chamber). Typically, you can get 7 to eight good sized rips from the Atmos Optimus vaporizer pen before you have to refill the chamber.

The high quality ceramic heating element heats up the entire product with little chance spillage. Moreover, there were no signs of burning as the delivered vapor was completely odorless. It produces just enough heat to vaporize the active ingredient without producing the harmful by products of combustion.

It has a sleek and compact design, making it easy to fit into your purse or pocket. Aesthetics is another factor that sets this vapor pen apart from the competition. Not only can it be used to vaporize e-liquid as an e-cigarette, but it is also virtually identical to the typical e-cigarette.


  • See Through – The Atmos Optimus Vaporizer Pen was designed with a transparent cartridge and equipped with a convenient that lets you know the amount of product remaining in the chamber so you can always know whether you have enough oil for your vaping needs.
  • Quick Hits – The heating element offers a decent heating time (about 10 seconds) so you do not have to wait long to start enjoying your vape.
  • Compact – The Optimus vape pen is small, compact and aesthetically pleasing perfect for vaping on the go


  • Compatibility – Not compatible with waxes: although quite a few people have reported using the Optimus with both waxes and oils, I wouldn’t recommend this combination as it makes it future use with e-liquids and oils difficult.
  • Hot Vapor – Due to its small size, the mouthpiece is located quite close to the heating chamber. This means that the hits you get are still hot and it can be disconcerting for those used to smoking through bubblers.

The Smoke Advisor’s Experience

Overall, the Atmos Optimus pen style vaporizer gets an 8/10 rating. Safety can be a concern if you intend to carry it around in your pocket which limits its portability. But it’s design, efficient functionality and ease of use more than make up for that. Due to its size, the Optimus is perfect for those who like vaping discreetly.

The Atmos Optimus Vaporizer Pen is a great starting portable vaporizer. It is small and slim, but really packs a punch for such a vapor pen with a great price and size. Moreover, it is available in multiple colors (black, white, pink, and silver) giving you the freedom to choose a product that suits your style.

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