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  • The Trippy Stix vapor pen is a great oil vaporizer pen as it is scent-free. It gives quick hits as it heats up in less than 5 seconds and does not get hot so no need to worry. It’s the first non-cartridge oil vape pen of its kind and it stands up to all the hype around it. Check out more pro’s below!
  • The coil in the chamber is quite small, therefore it can result in some oil around the edges. Also only can be used for oils. However there is a new vape in town Skycloud Vaporizer Pen that allows for herbs, wax, and oils.Check out more con’s below!
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Let’s Get Trippy With The: Trippy Stix

trippy stix

Trippy stix is the first non-cartridge vaporizer pen. Its unique and modern design makes it stand among other vaporizers. One thing I like about the trippy stix 2.0 is the simplicity associated with its use. This makes it ideal even for a novice vapor. The thick and dense vapor makes it one of my favorite vaporizers. Its elegant and fashionable design has made it popular among many celebrities within the pop culture. The Trippy Stix features many color options to choose from. So you can comfortably select your favorite color.

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Trippy Stix Vape Pen Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Trippy Stix Vape Pen
  • 1 x Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 x Filling Bottle
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Wall Power Adapter
  • 1 x Wired USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

Trippy Stix Key features:

Compact and lightweight design: This is a valuable feature that serves to increase on the portability of the device. Unlike large vaporizers, its small size does not draw ant attention. The device is a perfect choice while traveling.

USB charger: The fact that it uses a USB charger implies that it can be charged by use of a computer. Therefore, charging can be performed while on the move, straight from your laptop.

Automatic shutoff timer & locking system: These features are important in preventing overheating as well as accidental inhalation. Therefore, you can hardly go wrong with the Trippy Stix Vaporizer.

Easy and quick to use: The device is capable of attaining vaporing temperature in just 5 seconds. The “one button” activation system makes it quite simple to operate even for beginners.

How To Use The Trippy Stix Vaporizer

trippy stix big1

Operating the trippy stix is quite simple easy. First, you will be required to disconnect the trippy tip. Afterwards, insert whatever is being vaporized inside the vapor chamber. With that done, attach the tip back on to the Trippy Stix Chamber. Finally press and hold the button for about 5 seconds. You will now be good to go. Start enjoying every second you inhale. It is just magical.

When fully charged, this vaporizer pen is capable of delivering up to 400 puffs from a small amount of your essential oil. Their small and light design allows for enhanced discretion especially while on the move. Powered by a battery, the device can be recharge by the use of a USB cord. Featuring no odor, the device proves to be one of the most perfect vapors that can be used on public places without being detected. It allows you to reach vaporizing temperatures in just 5 seconds. For enhanced efficiency, the Trippy Stix incorporates a 10 seconds automatic shutoff timer that helps in preventing overheating. The locking mechanism is a great addition that proves valuable in preventing unwanted vaporizing.


  • Risk-Free – No risks involved in burning oneself, thanks to the incorporated safety features. There are no traces of ashes droppings
  • No-Scent – No lighter is required as it operates on battery charge. There are no typical smoker scents since the smell is eliminated.
  • Easy Assembly – The parts can be replaced, which eliminates the costly purchases of new vaporizers.
  • Safety – It prevents unwanted vaporizing, thanks to its locking mechanism.
  • Quick Hits – It has a fast warm-up time that allow you to start vaporizing in just about 5 seconds.
  • Easy Operation – Quite easy to operate by just pressing a button.
  • Battery Saver – The incorporated Automatic Shut Off timers turns it off after 10 seconds to avoid overheating.


  • Warranty – The 90-day warranty provides does not cover the Trippy Stix Chamber following usage.
  • Spill-over – The coil incorporated in the chamber is quite small, therefore it doesn’t cover more of the bottom. This results in some oils being deposited around the edges.
  • Maintenance – The chamber requires regular maintenance in terms of cleaning. Failure to do so results into the breaking of the coil.

The Smoke Advisor’s Experience

From my Trippy Stix experience, I would give it a star rating of 4.6 out of 5. The 4.6 star rating for the Trippy Stix results from the easy to use, ready to smoke, and non-cartridge vapor pen that really packs a punch. It also proves a perfect choice, be it for a professional or novice vapor. It also presents quality features that makes it stand out among other vaporizers. However, there are some few drawbacks associated with its use, which made it not achieve the five star rating. With the ever increasing technological advancement, I hope that these few drawbacks would eventually be alleviated.

The Trippy Stix features a very distinctive look when compared to other vaporizer pens. To add to this uniqueness is the fact that users are able to clearly see the amount of oil that is left in their Trippy Stix. This effective monitoring ensures that you won’t be left with nothing to smoke. It is certainly one of the top vaporizer pens that I would gladly recommend to any enthusiast or expert vapor.

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